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"We are committed to bring delicious, fresh, healthy and fairly priced “Chef-crafted” meals directly at your doorstep, entirely prepared with fast and sustainable methods, and delivered in eco-friendly smart packaging."

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At 4Cs, we believe that the choices we make every day about the food we eat – from where it comes from, to how it is sourced, prepared, and delivered – directly influence the quality of our lives, communities, and environment.

We trust in serving only the purest, most whole and authentic food that makes people and their loved ones feel good and healthy.

With our 5 restaurants, we strive to inspire and stimulate foodies’ palates by serving dishes and meals made from only the freshest, most in-season ingredients and produce, and elaborated through the most sustainable and healthy recipes and cooking methods.


● ALSO PASTA serves 100% homemade pasta, gnocchi and ravioli;

● SANDWICH GOURMET and PIZZA PIDE’s doughs and breads are all made in house with long-term fermentation (48H), to ease digestion;
● FRESH JUICES & SWEETS juices are cold-pressed to prevent vitamin loss;

● SOUP & SALAD offers irresistibly creative and healthy salads that are much more than just a bunch of ingredients tossed together. 


All of 4Cs signature dishes are diligently crafted by Olivier and Alessio, our Chefs, to be tasty, flavorful, well-balanced, and nutrient-rich, and to make you feel good and healthy.


Our restaurants are fully compliant with HACCP standards & requirements; therefore, we guarantee the safety and the quality of each of the dishes leaving our kitchens.


Plastic, additive & sugar free. Handmade dough, bread, pasta, ravioli & gnocchi… No bullshit, only great tasting, authentic and healthy food


 Delivery food to the next level thanks to unique flavor combinations and signature recipes. Every one of our restaurants‘ menus propose a vegan option, a seasonal dish and a gourmet course.


Be irresistible with a cool entry price! 1- Pick a dish, 2- choose a size, 3- add-up chef’s toppings, 4- add a fresh juice or a handmade dessert.


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Chef Alessio Rasom

1 Giang Châu 2 Phuong Khuê My, Quan Ngu Hành Son Da Nang 077 446 44 41

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Cloud Chefs

GrabFood & ShopeeFood 

Đà Nang Area 

090 602 11 64


Chef Olivier Corti

16 Che Lan Viên, Bac My An, Ngu Hành Son, Đà Nang

091 589 12 84


Olivier and Alessio are kind and passionate globe-trotting chefs with over 35 years of experience serving foodies highly refined and inventive meals in some of France's, Italy's, Monaco's, Hong Kong's, and Japan's most prominent restaurants, including Michelin star restaurants, before they finally settled in Danang, Vietnam.


In 2020 the pandemic took the World and Vietnam by storm, and Olivier and Alessio had no choice but to close their highly regarded and rated Danang eateries. 


But they could just not stop cooking, even during such trying times. 


Putting their craft and heart at the service of their local community, they volunteered to prepare and deliver delicious healthy charity meals to the distressed populations.


Deeply inspired by their experience, they began envisioning a new kind of fast, casual fine meal delivery service that would match great-tasting and healthy food with smart and sustainable business practices… 4C’s was born.


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